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köp & ta med din bild 
hem samma kväll! 
köp & ta med din bild 
hem samma kväll! 

TORNART - ©Ljusbild - Patrik Bogårdh


Bild - Info

Fotograf: © Patrik Bogårdh - ljusbild

Utställning: TORNART

Media/papper: Hahnemuhle Enhanced

Montering: Svart aluminiumram & ARTGLAS

Upplagor: 8

Signerad/numrerad: Ja 

Storlek 40x60  cm - PRIS: 2900 SEK

Storlek: 60x90 cm - PRIS: 4900 SEK

Storlek: 50x100 cm - PRIS: 4900 SEK

Storlek: 70x100 cm - PRIS: 5900 SEK

Words about - TORNART 

”Massive, Expressive, Sculptural, open-imagination, visual-brutalism, raw, blocky, cold, varm, cubistically minimal... 

​Norra Tornen offer brutalist Graphic Design, these buildings open my imagination to capture the surreal meeting of the old and new city growing around us. These graphic buildings absorb the light in a completely magical way and they change shape a thousands times a day.

Form follows function!

Form follows function means that before you start designing something, you need to think about its purpose and then bring that purpose from the inside out in your design.

At the same time, brutalism is known not only for the fascination it inspires but the controversy: critics have called it everything from “cold” to “monstrous.” It is a style that has never failed to elicit a reaction, for better or worse. That’s why if you want to adopt it for your own design purposes, it is important to do so with a full awareness of what you’re getting yourself into.

The art of BRUTALISM!

The exhibition will be on display at Marco's starting on November 15, 2022.


Patrik Bogårdh

Restaurang Marco's

Torbjörn Klockares gata 1


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